HEINE rechargeable handle BETA L

    HEINE BETA L Li-ion rechargeable handle for NT 300

    HEINE BETA L Rechargeable handle complete with Li-ion rechargeable battery and bottom insert for NT 300 table charger

    • Rechargeable handle with Li-ion battery. Fast charge in 2 hours with the NT 300 charger.
    • Rechargeable handle with charge status display in the bottom insert.
    • Display lights for 10 seconds when the handle is switched on or removed from the charger.
    • No memory effect. Full power at any time without loss of capacity.
    • Updates: Existing 3.5 V BETA handles can be converted to BETA L by substituting the
    • Li-ion L battery and BETA L bottom insert.
    • Compatible with previous chargers (NT 200).
    • Ready-to-use Function: If the handle is switched on when replaced in the charger, it automatically switches off. When removed, it switches on again at the previouslyselected brightness
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    8-11 days
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