Reflex hammers

Reflex hammer for reflex and sensitivity testing

The reflex hammer is a simple test instrument for testing muscle and tendon reflexes as well as skin reflexes. Additional instruments such as brushes and needles can be integrated into the hammer handle or hammer head in order to carry out sensitivity tests in addition to reflex tests.

Reflex hammers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. In addition to the classic stainless steel model, there are hammers made of plastic, carbon fiber or titanium. In pediatrics, toy-like models are often used to take the martial look out of reflex hammers for children. Others differ in their typical shape.

Most reflex hammers have two differently sized rubber inserts on the head. Thicker rubber bars cause large tendon reflexes in the extensor muscles (patellar reflex, ankle jerk reflex, and triceps tendon reflex). In addition, selective pressure is suitable for triggering painful reflexes (e.g. radial periosteal reflex). The smaller rubber rod is used for the flexor tendons (e.g. biceps tendon reflex). Skin reflexes are caused by sharp metal tips on the hammer handle.

Reflex hammer for reflex and sensitivity testing

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