For more than a decade, an inconspicuous company called V-MEDTECH has been located in the picturesque streets of Spaichingen, an idyllic town near the surgical instrument capital of Tuttlingen. But despite its humble appearance, this company hides a rich history and an impressive track record.

The V-MEDTECH brand was founded 15 years ago by a visionary entrepreneur with a strong background in medical technology.

From the very beginning, the company specialized in the distribution of medical diagnostic instruments and devices of the highest quality, which are produced by renowned German manufacturers. Quality was always our top priority, and V-MEDTECH quickly established itself as a trustworthy partner for medical facilities around the world.

One of V-MEDTECH's strengths was its proximity to Tuttlingen, the world's leading center for the production of surgical instruments. This geographical proximity enabled the company to work closely with over 300 world-renowned manufacturers in and around Tuttlingen. This close partnership enabled V-MEDTECH to not only offer high-quality standard products, but also to develop tailor-made special solutions for its customers.

Over the years, V-MEDTECH built a world-class reputation based on quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Customers from around the world trusted that they would receive the best medical equipment and instruments from V-MEDTECH, coupled with unmatched expertise and a personal commitment to their needs.

Despite its success and international reputation, V-MEDTECH never forgot its roots and always remained a locally rooted company that was proud to make its contribution to medical care. In the quiet town of Spaichingen, surrounded by Dreifaltigkeitsberg and the rolling hills of the Black Forest, V-MEDTECH continued its mission to improve healthcare and support the lives of people worldwide.


Our headquarters and warehouse in Spaichingen/Tuttlingen

V-MEDTECH headquarters and warehouse