Digital handheld refractometers

The mobile measurement with a digital handheld refractometer saves time as random checks or the regulation of mixing ratios can be carried out directly on the site. The measurement results are determined at the touch of a button and shown on the display. Unlike in the case of the analogue handheld refractometers, the digital determination of reproducible measurement results does not depend on the user’s interpretation

  • Automatic measurement
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Fast to fill and clean
  • Sample tray made of stainless steel
  • Robust housing and low weight
  • Automatic temperature compensation (Brix scale)
  • Display of the measurement results in different units
  • Very simple operation

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€470.00 -10%€423.00

Area of application: Honey The following models are particularly suitable for measuring the Brix value, the water content in honey and the Baumé degree (°Bé) to determine the relative density of liquids You can also choose to display the refraction index. Main areas of application: Beekeeping Honey productionScalesMeasuring rangeAccuracy...


As an entry-level model for the digital refractometry, the DR101-60 covers the measurement ranges between nD 1.3330–1.4419 and 0–60 % Brix. Thanks to the automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale, you can achieve reproducible measurement results even under changing environmental conditions. As a water-tight device, the DR101-60 meets IP65 code...


The compact handheld refractometer DR201-95 offers an extended measurement range of the refractive index and the sugar content of nD 1.3330–1.5318 and 0–95 % Brix. The automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale helps the user with the measurements of beverages and sugary confectionary products. The device is splash-proof and meets the IP64...