HEINE ML4 LED Headlight

Ultra bright coaxial LED-HQ illumination

HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity to dimmability, and from thermal management to a colour rendering index as high as possible.

  • Adjustable illumination spot size: 30 mm to 80 mm spot size range
  • Bright and homogenous illumination
  • Stepless light intensity control
  • HEINE Precision 4-Lens System
  • Flexible Power Source Options
  • Coaxial illumination: completely shadow-free image
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Optional Polarisation Filter P2 improves contrast

Technical Specification HEINE ML4 LED

  • Illumination Typ. 90 000 Lux by working distance of 180 mm
  • Colour Temperature Typ. 5 500 Kelvin
  • LED Operating Life Typ. 50 000 hours
  • Spot Adjustment 30 mm to 80 mm at 420 mm working distance
  • Angle of Declination Stepless and individually adjustable for every examination
  • Rheostat Headband-mounted
  • Operating Time Typ. 8.5 hours with mPack and typ. 3.5 hours with mPack UNPLUGGED of continuous ON time at full power

Precision multiple lens optical system consisting of four high-quality lenses. Completely homogeneous illumination of the whole field of view and a clearly defined light spot.

HEINE ML 4 Precision 4-Lens System

Comparison of homogeneity

HEINE ML 4 Precision 4-Lens System

Accessories HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight

Detachable Yellow Filter for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.321

Polarisation filter P2 for ML4 LED HeadLight and HR Loupes J-000.31.326

Spare polarisation filter P2 for HR Loupes (2 pairs) C-000.32.536

Retrofitting Set HR 2.5x/340mm Binocular Loupe for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.370

Retrofitting Set HR 2.5x/420mm Binocular Loupe for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.371

Retrofitting Set HRP 3.5x/420mm Binocular Loupe for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.372

Retrofitting Set HRP 4x/340mm Binocular Loupe for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.373

Retrofitting Set HRP 6x/340mm Binocular Loupe for ML4 LED HeadLight J-000.31.374

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control and change the illumination spot of my ML4 LED HeadLight?

The HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight has an adjustable illumination spot size with a spot size range of 30 mm to 80 mm (at a working distance of 420 mm). The spot size can be controlled via the aperture lever on the headlight.

How can I control the light intensity of my HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight?

The light intensity of the HEINE ML4 HeadLight can be controlled via the headband rheostat.

Which power source is compatible with my HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight?

The ML4 LED Headlight can be used with the belt mounted HEINE mPack (8.5 hours opeating time) or with the cable free HEINE mPack UNPLUGGED (3.5 hours operating time).

How do I change the light source in my HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight?

The HEINE LEDs feature an extremely long durability, sustaining their illumination quality throughout the whole product life time. Therefore an exchange of the LED is not necessary.

Which Binocular Loupes can be mounted on the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight?

All HEINE HR- and HRP-Binocular Loupes can be mounted on the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight

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