Binocular loupes

High resolution binocular loupes for dentists and surgeons

Various magnifications (from 2.3 x to 6 x), working distances, wearing options (unique S-FRAME, Lightweight Headband and Professional L Headband) and LoupeLight2 illumination systems are available. They provide homogeneous, reflex-free illumination even in deep cavities. State-of-the-art LED HQ technology and design!

HEINE Binocular Loupes are used in many disciplines: e.g. General Medicine, Dermatology, Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Neurosurgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry etc.

Your optimal loupe is as individual as your work. Experience the difference of getting less tired - even during long procedures.

How to choose the correct Binocular Loupe

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€345.00 -10%€310.50

HEINE S-FRAME incl. retaining cordMaximum comfort with a modern, ergonomic design. Malleable temples and nose pad can be customized to fit any face perfectly. Innovative materials – Carbon-Kynetium reduces weight (24 g). Tough polycarbonate protective lenses. Optional clip-in correction frame for prescription lenses (C-000.32.309)without adapter

€215.00 -10%€193.50

HEINE S-GUARD splash protection for mounting on the Professional L headband Rapid and simple adjustment of binocular loupes on the headband with HEINE S-GUARD splash protection. Once set, the binocular loupe always stays in the ideal position. The fixed position of the binocular loupes on the S-Guard splash protection and the rigid connection between the...

€1,172.00 -10% From €1,054.80

HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes with i-View for mounting on S-FRAME (S-FRAME not included) HEINE HRP SpecificationsMagnification Working distance Field of view Depth of field3.5x 420 mm (16") 65 mm (2.5") 60 mm (2.4")4x 340 mm (13") 50 mm (2") 40 mm (1.5")6x 340 mm (13") 40 mm (1.5") 30 mm (1.2")HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT BINOCULAR LOUPE

€1,156.00 -10% From €1,040.40

HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes with i-View, for Professional L Headband (Headband not included) without S-GUARD - Ideal for spectacle wearers HEINE HRP Specifications Magnification Working distance Field of view Depth of field 3.5x 420 mm (16") 65 mm (2.5") 60 mm (2.4") 4x 340 mm (13") 50 mm (2") 40 mm (1.5") 6x 340 mm (13") 40 mm (1.5") 30 mm (1.2")HOW TO...