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The determination of weight plays an important role in many medical fields, because the weight provides information on the nutritional and general condition of the patient. In various metabolic diseases, such as B. diabetes mellitus or CHD, the weight is determined and documented at regular intervals, since overweight is a risk factor for these diseases.

Scales with an average weighing range of 200 kg are used in medical practices and hospitals. This means that the weight of the majority of patients can be easily determined. For patients who are seriously overweight (obese), there are special obesity scales with a weighing range of up to 250 kg or even 300 kg. Such obesity scales with extra high load capacity are particularly robust and usually also have a particularly non-slip and large step surface.

All medical scales, whether baby scales, mechanical column scales or digital personal scales, which are used in a doctor's practice, a hospital or a rehab facility, must be approved.

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