In many diagnostic situations, glare and reflections can be an unwanted byproduct of additional illumination. Our engineers have developed a simple but amazingly effective new solution for minimising this problem –  a polarisation filter system for our Lighting and Magnifying Loupe combinations, giving you even better views and more detail than before.

The new polarisation filter system is available in combination with the following magnification / illumination combinations:

ML4 LED HeadLight with HR Binocular Loupes

LED LoupeLight with HR Binocular Loupes

The P2 Polarisation filter is a high-performance polarisation system that consists of a filter for the illumination source, as well as 2 filters for your HEINE Binocular Loupes: 

HEINE P2 Polarisation filter2 Filters for Loupes + 1 Filter for illumination source


Polarisation filters are used in many optical applications to absorb certain wave lengths of light. The effect of this absorption is a dramatic reduction of glare, the suppression of oblique reflections, and enhanced contrast of images.

The benefits of polarisation can be best seen when taking photographs of reflective surfaces (e.g. water, glass, skin, and metal) with and without polarisation filters – please see pictures on the right.

Polarisation filters used

Dermatology / Cosmetic

The HEINE P2 supports Dermatologic procedures such as: hair follicle examination, spider veins, psoriatic pits (Nails), and excision of skin cancer.

In all applications, contrast is improved and reflections minimized. The polarisation filter can also help to accentuate the appearance of inflammation in Acne and sun damage.

HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter


The HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter helps to reduce reflections in the mouth for bright, high contrast, and glare free views.

HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter

Sclerotherapy / Cosmetic:

The HEINE P2 allows direct subsurface visualisation through the superficial skin layers for better visualisation of veins.

HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter

Minor Procedures:

The HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter helps to eliminate the surface glare of skin and enhances contrast for better visualization.

Surgical Procedures:

The HEINE P2 Polarisation Filter helps to eliminate reflections, allowing user‘s to accurately assess tissue appearance and condition.