Direct Ophthalmoscopes

Direct ophthalmoscopes are intended for transient examination of the media (cornea, aqueous humour, lens, vitreous humour) and retina of the eye. The instruments feature an optical examination system and an illumination unit powered by a battery or rechargeable battery

Direct Ophthalmoscopes

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Modern pocket ophthalmoscope with concentrated bright light for perfect illumination, a brilliant image and accurate colour rendering. Fixation star aperture with grey filter for reducing the light intensity. Excellent optics and best colour rendering in minimum dimensions, ideal for rounds and house calls. Can be used with the mini 3000 handle system....

€110.00 -15% €93.50

battery handle (AA) 2.5 V vacuum bulb with correction lens wheel in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres aspherical precision optics in cloth bag batteries: 2 Mignon1.5 V (type AA) not included 5 diaphragms Excellent, uniform illumination! Very large examination field of the fundus of the eye.