Loupes and Headlights

for Dental and Surgical procedure

Medical loupes and headlights ensure optimal illumination or enlargement of the examination and treatment area, thus making the doctor's work easier. Depending on the medical specialty, the loupes and headlights are standard diagnostic equipment in practices and hospitals.

The headlight ensures optimal illumination of the examination area

Headlights are always used in medicine when the doctor wants to get an overview of the clinical picture through a detailed examination of the anatomical conditions. The medical headlight is used to optimally illuminate the examination area so that all details can be easily recognized. In addition to sufficient brightness, shadow-free illumination and the most natural possible reproduction of the fabric colors are particularly important. In order to ensure sufficient freedom of movement, most headlights are equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery.

Medical binocular loupes make it easier to see more details

By enlarging the field of view, the medical loupes ensure better visibility of details that would be difficult to see without the visual aid. Loupes are therefore ideal as a supplement to the head lamp. The particularly small and light glasses are available in different designs, optionally also for people who wear glasses.

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