Medical diagnostic instruments

Diagnostics refers to the determination or determination of a physical or mental illness by the doctor. Often no clear diagnosis can be made on the basis of the physical examination alone, which is why laboratory tests, imaging procedures or special diagnostic devices must be used. The diagnosis is a summary assessment, taking into account the patient's symptoms and the results of the various examinations.

In the Diagnostics category, we have put together a comprehensive range of products that will support you in making a diagnosis. We carry medical equipment such as the otoscope, clinical thermometer or stethoscope, as well as useful equipment such as the EKG or blood pressure monitor, as well as imaging equipment such as the ultrasound machine.

In the "General Diagnostics" category, we offer you medical devices that are used for preliminary examinations. These include stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, diagnostic lamps, otoscopes and many other diagnostic instruments. The category also includes circumference and height gauges, baby and personal scales, circumference and height gauges or reflex hammers and tuning forks.

The area of ​​subject-specific diagnostics includes subject-specific diagnostic devices, such as EKG devices, spirometers, ultrasound devices and audiometers. In addition, you will find endoscopes and ophthalmological supplies, but also dermatoscopes, headlights and magnifying glasses as well as vascular and fetal dopplers. We offer you medical technology from well-known manufacturers in high quality at an affordable price.

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The perfect choice in all medical fields. Heavy duty electronic column scale with an extra wide, flat and slip resistant platform. The transport castors ensure easy movability. The BMI, hold and mother-child functions provide fast and clear results of the patients’ nutritional condition. The turnable display allows easy reading from patient and user side....