HEINE LoupeLight 2

HEINE LoupeLight 2 LED Headlight

most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists

The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance

  • High Quality LED illumination
  • Compact, lightweight (50 g). Ensures perfect comfort.
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Coaxial Illumination: a completely shadow-free image
  • Optional Polarisation filter P2
  • Replaceable connecting cord
  • Incl. coloured attachment clips for personalisation

Technical Specification LoupeLight 2

  • Illumination Typ. 55 000 Lux by working distance of 180 mm
  • Colour Temperature Typ. 4 000 Kelvin
  • LED Operating Life Typ. 50 000 hours
  • Spot Size The illuminated field is designed to complement the HR/HRP loupes.
  • Angle of Declination Stepless and individually adjustable for every examination
  • Operating Time Typ. 9 h with mPack mini (in continuous operation at full power typ. 4 hours)

Precision multiple lens optical system consisting of four high-quality lenses. Completely homogeneous illumination of the whole field of view and a clearly defined light spot.

HEINE LoupeLight Precision 4-Lens System

Comparison of homogeneity

HEINE LoupeLight Precision 4-Lens System

Active filters

€2,600.00 -10%€2,340.00

Set copmlete with: Binocular loupes HEINE HR 2.5x with i-View on S-FRAME Headlight HEINE LoupeLight 2 LED Detachable Yellow Filter mPack mini mPack mini Belt Clip E4-USB plug-in transformer Protective lenses 2 sterilisable levers Retaining cord Cleaning cloth Carrying caseHEINE HR 2.5x SpecificationsWorking distance Field of view Depth of field...