seca 336 baby scale with analog measuring rod

    seca 336 baby scale with analog measuring rod

    • Class III medical approved
    • Handy and light for mobile medical use.
    • Comfortable cradle.
    • Large, easy to read LCD display.
    • Reliable results due to automatic damping system.
    • analog measuring rod seca 232.
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    11-15 days
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    seca 336 mobile baby scale with Analog measuring rod

    The mobile baby scale with special damping system.

    Modern technology can only be of use if it passes the tests of everyday life. The digital baby scale seca 336 has all that is necessary to make daily routine in the surgery and hospital so much easier in future: as this scale is not only easy to use but also mobile and durable, it meets all the prerequisites of an ideal scale for paediatrics.

    Key-Technical Data

    • Net weight 3.7 kg
    • Product width 650 mm
    • Product height 110 mm
    • Product depth 308 mm
    • Power supply Batteries
    • Optional power adapter
    • Graduation 5 g < 10 kg > 10 g
    • Capacity 20 kg
    • Batteries, quantity and type 6 X AA
    • Tray width 645 mm
    • Tray height 40 mm
    • Tray depth 290 mm

    Functions and Properties

    • Acoustic signals can be activated
    • Auto-HOLD
    • Automatic switch-off
    • Automatic weighing range switch-over
    • Confirm button
    • Breast/Milk Intake Function
    • Adjustable damping
    • HOLD
    • Mobile use
    • RESET
    • TARE

    Analog measuring rod

    • Measuring results are easy to read with enhanced color markings
    • Includes head and foot positioners
    • Durable measuring rod made of aluminum
    • Scratch-resistant height rod made with a high-quality screen printing process

    Key-Technical Data

    • Net weight 0.2 sts
    • 1.2 kg
    • Product width 877 mm
    • Product height 92 mm
    • Product depth 266 mm
    • Measuring range 35 - 80 cm
    • Graduation measuring range 1 mm

    The analog measuring rod seca 232 n permits weighing and measuring in one step.

    As easy to assemble as to read the display: The analog measuring rod with integrated head and foot positioners make the seca 336 i and seca 336 even more efficient as measuring and weighing are now done in a single process.