Digital handheld refractometer KRÜSS DR201-95

    Digital handheld refractometer KRÜSS DR201-95

    The compact handheld refractometer DR201-95 offers an extended measurement range of the refractive index and the sugar content of nD 1.3330–1.5318 and 0–95 % Brix. The automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale helps the user with the measurements of beverages and sugary confectionary products. The device is splash-proof and meets the IP64 standard.

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    Digital on-site measurements at the touch of a button

    The mobile measurement with a digital handheld refractometer saves time as random checks or the regulation of mixing ratios can be carried out directly on the site. The measurement results are determined at the touch of a button and shown on the display. Unlike in the case of the analogue handheld refractometers, the digital determination of reproducible measurement results does not depend on the user’s interpretation

    Typical applications KRÜSS DR201-95

    The digital hand-held refractometers DR301-95 are the ideal solution for the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, aviation, metal processing and food industry as well as for hospitals and pharmacies.

    • Characterisation tests in research and development
    • Identity test, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, semi-finished products and end products
    • Tracking of chemical processes during production
    • Outgoing goods inspection
    • Stability test
    • Determination of the sugar concentration
    • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection
    • Checking medicines for pharmacopeias
    • Analysis of body secretions

    Measurement data DR201-95

    ScalesRefractive index (nD) Concentration of sucrose,
    glucose, fructose and invert sugar [%Brix]
    Measurement rangenD 1,3330–1,5318
    0–95 %Brix
    Measurement accuracynD ±0,0003
    ±0,2 %Brix
    ResolutionnD ±0,0001
    ±0,1 %Brix
    Measurement periodapprox. 1 sec
    Measurement prismoptical glass
    Light sourceLED
    Wavelenght589 nm
    Temperature compensation10-40 °C
    Temperature measurementWith integrated temperature sensor Pt100
    Temperature measurement range10-40 °C
    Temperature measurement accuracy±0,5 °C
    Temperature resolution0,1 °C
    HousingSynthetic material, coated
    Operating Voltage1.5 V battery
    Dimensions (W X H X D)130 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm
    Weight200 g