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Sigmoidoscope / Proctoscope HEINE Kit BETA4 USB

Sigmoidoscope and Proctoscope Kit HEINE BETA4 USB

Useful, inexpensive combination of instruments for extended rectal examinations.

Set complete with: 

  • Instrument head for HEINE UniSpec Disposable Tubes
  • with viewing window and swivel lens 1.5 x.
  • Pack of 25 UniSpec Sigmoidoscope Tubes 250 mm
  • Pack of 25 UniSpec Proctoscope Tubes 130 mm
  • Pack of 25 UniSpec Anoscope Tubes 85 mm
  • Double bulb insufflator
  • Illumination adaptor
  • Connecting cord 2 m
  • HEINE BETA4 USB Rechargeable Handle
  • HEINE E4-USB Medical approved plug-in power supply
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Rectoscope/proctoscope instrument combination HEINE BETA 4 USB

Instrument head for HEINE UniSpec Disposable Tubes

For connection to BETA4 USB handle with lighting adapter

  • Fiberglass ring light. Bright, glare-free illumination.
  • Swivel magnifier 1.5x. Detailed picture.
  • Closing window (swivelling) with blower connection. Allows vision improvement through insufflation.
  • Stainless steel.

HEINE UniSpec disposable tubes anoscope, proctoscope and rectoscope

  • Disposable. No transmission of infection.
  • No cleaning necessary. gain of time.
  • Physiologically perfect, body-friendly plastic. The patient does not feel cold.
  • Light transmission through tube wall. Distal, ring-shaped light outlet.
  • Bright, homogeneous illumination of the observation field.
  • Graduation / marking on the inside of the tube. Insertion height is recognizable.

HEONE Illumination adaptor

Attached to any 3.5 V HEINE power source, the lighting adapter serves as a light source for HEINE F.O. Instruments such as anoscope, proctoscope and rectoscope.

Double bulb insufflator and hygienic filter

  • For use with anoscope, proctoscope and rectoscope
  • Latex-free Double bulb insufflator.
  • For possible use with anoscope, proctoscope and rectoscope.
  • Disposable hygiene filter minimizes contamination of the Double bulb insufflator (option Art. E-000.18.116)

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