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Diagnostic scale Beurer BF 1000 Super Precision

Diagnostic scale Beurer BF 1000 Super Precision

The new BF 1000 Super Precision provides you with everything that you want, and even a bit more. With a total of 8 electrodes for the hands and feet and the special cross measurement, in additional to your weight, it also shows body fat, visceral fat and body water, muscle percentage, bone mass and calorie requirements.

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Diagnostic scale Beurer BF 1000 Super Precision

  • Detailed full-body analysis with app connection
  • Including cross measurement with 8 electrodes for precise monitoring of different areas of the body
  • For professional weighing – raised display on an aluminium stand with blue lighting
  • Weight, body fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, AMR/BMR
  • Body fat and muscle percentage in segments
  • Illuminated XXL display: 112 x 65 mm
  • State-of-the-art dot matrix display
  • Intuitive user menu in: D, GB, F, ES, I
  • ITO surface finish on the scale
  • Brushed stainless steel electrodes (hand-held unit)
  • Standing surface: 10 mm thick safety glass
  • 5 activity levels
  • User memory spaces: 10 + guest mode
  • Measurement memory spaces: 30
  • Switch-on technology: Button-on and quick start
  • Automatic switch-off, overload indicator
  • Weight capacity: 200 kg
  • Free download of “beurer HealthManager”

Whole body measurement like a professional

In addition to our well-being, our body weight is also important for our health. Too little exercise or too many high-calorie foods can lead to obesity. Underweight is also a risk factor for your health. Regular weight control is therefore a sensible measure to keep an eye on your health. With our BF 1000 Super Precision you receive a detailed full-body analysis of your values and can monitor and track them in the "beurer HealthManager" app over the long term.

In the picture of every area of ​​the body

Especially if you do a lot of sport, build muscle specifically or want to lose weight for your dream figure, but also for your own control, it is important to know your body data and adjust your diet, activity or sporting quota accordingly. If conventional diagnostic scales are too imprecise for you, then you have come to the right place with the Beurer BF 1000.

With eight electrodes - four hand electrodes and four foot electrodes - and the special cross-over measurement, the BF 1000 Super Precision diagnostic scales can produce a particularly precise whole-body analysis.

In addition to body weight, it also determines body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass and provides information on your calorie requirement. With the help of the collected body data, the calorie metabolism is calculated as the basic metabolic rate and the active metabolic rate.

Even the visceral fat, colloquially known as belly fat, is also displayed.

Using the segment analysis, you can also have the fat and muscle percentage of the individual body zones such as arms, legs or trunk identified.

With graphic evaluations in the modern dot matrix display and long-term monitoring of your body values ​​in the beurer HealthManager app, you have a long-term view of your data.

Visceral fat measurement

The visceral fat display gives you particularly important feedback on your health. Because even in a visually healthy body, more fat cells can accumulate in the middle of the body (= belly fat / organ fat). In the long run, this can increase the risk of dangerous metabolic diseases such as diabetes and vascular deposits.

Functions of the BF 1000 at a glance

Complete recording of your body values

The BF 1000 SuperPrecision records the entire body. This not only gives you an overview, but also information on individual body regions.

Body mass index

The body mass index (BMI) provides information about the relationship between body weight and height. In this way you can quickly see whether you are of normal weight or whether you are under or overweight. The scales do the calculation for you.

Basic metabolic rate and active metabolic rate

With the help of the 5 selectable levels of activity, the bathroom scales automatically calculate your calorie consumption when you are resting and moving.

10 users

The diagnostic scales have 10 user memories with 30 memory locations each. This means that several people can use the scales without any problems without the individual readings mixing up. There is also a practical guest mode.