HEINE BETA4 USB Upgrade Kit - BETA R / TR

    HEINE BETA4 USB Upgrade Kit - BETA R / TR

    For simple conversion of an older HEINE BETA R rechargeable handle or a BETA TR rechargeable handle (both discontinued) to the current generation of BETA4 USB rechargeable handles featuring modern Li-ion technology.

    • HEINE BETA4 USB bottom insert
    • Li-ion L rechargeable battery
    • E4-USB plug-in power supply and USB cord
    • handle rest
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    HEINE BETA4 USB rechargeable handle

    Next-generation energy management

    • High-quality metal construction for strength and durability.
    • Exclusive Automatic Connector with locking design. No metal on metal friction which can wear out over time, for a secure fit for the lifetime of your instruments.
    • Deep Battery Discharge Protection: Integrated safety system protects your investment by preventing batteries from completely draining; thus ensuring maximum battery life.
    • Familiar brigthness control: Rheostat for continuous brightness control with power level indicator.
    • Li-ion technology: no “memory effect”. Charge your handle how you like without worrying about charge level or battery condition.
    • Extended ON time: work up to 6 weeks between recharging with LED instruments.
    • Quick charge.
    • Slightly knurled finish of the handle provides a non-slip grip but is easy to clean and disinfect.
    • Charge Status Indicator in the bottom insert: the indicator shines orange if the battery needs to be recharged. In the BETA 4 USB Handle the indicator blinks green during the charging process and shines permanently green as soon as it is fully charged.

    Maximum safety. You can charge your HEINE BETA 4 USB handle with any USB plug or other USB power source, with absolute peace of mind. The BETA 4 USB handle has an integrated, exclusive Galvanic Separation Module that protects the handle, and the user, even if a faulty or inferior plug is used; thus preventing the possibility of the full mains voltage flowing directly to the handle. We do however recommend the use of a medical approved plug-in power supply.


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