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HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight Kit 11 with Binocular Loupes HR 2.5x/520

HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight Kit 11 with Binocular Loupes HR 2.5x/520

The following Kit 11 contain:

  • HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight
  • HEINE HR 2.5x Binocular Loupes with i-View
  • HEINE Professional L Headband with S-GUARD
  • HEINE mPack with plug-in transformer
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HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight Kit 11 with Binocular Loupes HR 2.5x/520

The ML4 LED HeadLight is optionally supplied with HR Binocular Loupes incl. i-View loupe mount and with or without S-GUARD. The binocular loupe is fully adjustable for every examiner and for every examination axis.

HEINE S-GUARD: Rapid and simple symmetric adjustment of binocular loupes with splash protection by protective lenses.

HEINE i-View for ML4 LED HeadLight: Provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the illumination beam.

  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Flexible Power Source Options
  • Adjustable spot size

HEINE HR 2.5X Binocular Loupes

HR 2.5x Binocular Loupes with i-View Achromatic optics for crisp, bright images with colour-correction. Lightweight (51 g). Water-resistant. Independent adjustment of left and right optics for perfect PD adjustment.

High magnification with a large field of view and excellent depth of field. i-View loupe mount provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the optional LED LoupeLight.

  • Crisp, High-Resolution Image
  • Unique i-View Loupe Mount
  • Exceptional Focal Range
  • Multi-coated Achromatic Optics
How to choose the correct Loupe


Compact, ergonomic design without compromises. The HEINE ML4 LED Headlight combines illumination in LED-HQ with optimum wearing comfort. It provides homogeneous illumination with anabsolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the demanding tasks of a busy practiceand the most accurate diagnosis in every examination situation. Individual adjustment options suchas the adjustment of the viewing angle over a wide range and practical features such as the cable-freebattery form a perfectly matched system.

Technical Specification

  • Illumination Typ. 90,000 Lux (measured at a working distance of 180 mm from the light emission to the object)
  • Colour Temperature Typ. 5,500 Kelvin
  • LED Operating Life Typ. 50,000 hours
  • Spot Adjustment 30 mm to 80 mm at 420 mm working distance
  • Angle of Declination Stepless and individually adjustable for every examination
  • Rheostat Headband-mounted
  • Operating Time Typ. 8.5 hours with mPack and typ. 3.5 hours with mPack UNPLUGGED of continuous ON time at full power


Portable Power Pack for HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight

  • Freedom from cables that tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies.
  • Triple the Capacity with Li-ion Technology. Compared with current NiCd systems. When fully charged at least 3 x the capacity of conventional NiCd systems. More than double of other Li-ion systems. No memory effect.
  • Fast Charge. Charges to full capacity in typ. 2 hours.
  • Charge status indicator. Always lets you know how much operating charge you have left.
  • Operating time: typ. 8.5 hours for HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight
  • Flexible Charging Options. Charge in the EN 50 Charger base station, or with mobile plug-in transformer.
  • Intelligent. Automatically switches to “charge” mode when inserted in EN 50.
  • Can also be used as mains power supply even while in “charge” mode.
  • Automatic remote power adjustment for compatibility with all HEINE 6 V and selected LED instruments.
  • Stepless light intensity control 0.5 – 100 %. Optimum brightness setting prevents reflexes.
  • 100 – 240 V Compatible Transformer incl. 4 plugs for world wide compatibility.


Data sheet

Power Source
mPack and plug-in transformer
Light Source
90 000 lux at a working distance of 180 mm
Colour temperature
5 500 K
Working distance
520 mm (20")
Field of view
180 mm (7")
Depth of field
260 mm (10")
Mounting options
Professional L Headband
Duration of Guarantee
5 years