Aspherical Optical System (AOS) - exclusively from HEINE

eliminates corneal and iris reflexes to provide large, crisp and glare-free fundus images.

  • [01] Flat, elliptical illumination beam produced by HEINE’s Aspherical Optical System.
  • [02] Observation path.
  • [03] Redirected iris and corneal reflexes.
  • [04] The elliptical light beam enters through the lower half of the cornea. The illumination beam has been separated from the observation beam (Gullstrand-Principle). All reflexes are diverted away from the observation beam due to the curvature of the reflective cornea. Due to the flat, compressed form of the light beam, a maximum amount of light enters through the pupil.
  • [05] Once past the anterior chamber, the light beam opens up dramatically to illuminate a large area of the retina.

Aspherical Optical System bay HEINE