HEINE HR loupes

HEINE HR 2.5x High Resolution Binocular Loupes

High resolution and Crisp image. Various magnifications.

  • Multi-coated Achromatic Optics
  • High magnification
  • Exceptional Focal Range
  • Crisp, High-Resolution Image
  • Unique i-View Loupe Mount
  • Lightweight (51 g).
  • Water-resistant
  • Independent adjustment of left and right optics
  • For dental and surgical operations

Your optimal loupe is as individual as your work. HEINE's HIGH TECH optics offer a large variety of loupes to fulfill your individual needs. Experience the difference of getting less tired - even during long procedures.

HR Specifications

Working distance Field of view Depth of field
2.5x 340 mm (13") 90 mm (3.5") 110 mm (4.3")
2.5x 420 mm (16") 130 mm (5") 180 mm (7")
2.5x 520 mm (20") 180 mm (7") 260 mm (10")

Mounting Options:


2. HEINE Professional L Headband with S-GUARD

3. HEINE Professional L Headband without S-GUARD

Active filters

€2,425.20 -10% €2,182.68

Set copmlete with:  Binocular loupes HEINE HR 2.5x with i-View on S-FRAME for working distance 420 mm Headlight HEINE LoupeLight 2 LED Detachable Yellow Filter mPack mini mPack mini Belt Clip E4-USB plug-in transformer Protective lenses 2 sterilisable levers Retaining cord Cleaning cloth Carrying case