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Compound microscope KERN OBF-131 Trinocular

Compound microscope KERN OBF-131 Trinocular

The high-performance compound microscope for every laboratory with fixed, pre-centred Koehler illumination

Trinocular Microscope: For the inspection with both eyes and the additional option for the connection of a camera Abbe Condenser: With high numerical aperture for the concentration and the focusing of light Halogen illumination: For pictures bright and rich in contrast LED illumination: Cold, energy saving and especially long-life illumination Mains part: mains part integrated in the balance. 230V/50Hz Standard type D, if requested also available in standard GB, AUS or USA. 3 years warranty

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  • The KERN OBF-1 models are excellent and robust laboratory microscopes for all common routine applications.
  • Thanks to the simple Koehler illumination, the adjustable field diaphragm and a pre-centred and height adjustable Abbe condenser with adjustable aperture diaphragm, these microscopes produce impressive images in both bright and dark field applications.
  • The microscopes are equipped with wide field eyepieces, with achromatic, plan achromatic or infinity corrected E-plan objectives, depending on the model.
  • These binocular microscopes are equipped with diopter adjustment.
  • A trinocular head is optionally available, allowing a camera to be fitted.
  • A nosepiece for up to four objectives and a large stage are provided as standard.
  • The following optional accessories are available: A variety of eyepieces, objectives, a complete polarisation kit, a phase contrast unit, complete HBO and LED fluorescence kits and more.
  • 20W halogen illumination and a 3W LED alternative version are available for illumination.
  • One of the central features of this variable and simultaneously robust series of microscopes is the stable and precisely adjustable mechanism.

Technical data

  • Eyepieces: WF 10x18 mm / WF 10x20 mm
  • Achromatic Objectives: 4x / 10x / 40x / 100x
  • Overall dimensions WxDxH 395x200x380 mm
  • Net weight approx. 6,5 kg


Fluorescence illumination for compound microscopes: With 100 W mercury lamp and filter Fluorescence illumination for compound microscopes: With 3 W LED illumination and filter Phase contrast unit: For a higher contrast Polarising unit: To polarise the light Length measurement: captures the geometric dimensions of a test object or the movement during a test process.

For information on the accessories which are supplied as standard, please see the individual brochures for the models, see document downloads in the table.

Compound microscope KERN OBF-1

OBF 131

Data sheet

6V 20W Halogen (transmitting)
Optical system
Objective quality

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