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Digital refractometer KERN ORF 2UM Industry/Motor

Digital refractometer KERN ORF 2UM Industry/Motor

Area of application: Industry/Motor vehicle industry

The following models are particularly suitable for measuring and determining AdBlue, glycol concentration (ethylene: EG and propylene: PG), of battery fluid (BF), urea and measuring the freezing point of screen wash (CW). Furthermore, these models are suitable for measuring temperature-exchange systems.

Measuring range
-50 °C - 0 °C
-50 °C - 0 °C
-40 °C - 0 °C
1,00 kg/l - 1,50 kg/l
0,5 °C
0,5 °C
0,5 °C
0,01 kg/l
0,1 °C
0,1 °C
0,1 °C
0,01 kg/l
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  • The models in the KERN ORD-B range are accurate,universal and maintenance-free digital manual refractometer
  • With their practical design, they are ideal for convenient and rapid everyday use
  • Other key features are the easy handling and sturdiness
  • The large, easy-to-read display means that the user can always be sure of taking an accurate measuring result
  • The large range of models with either a single or multiple measuring scales means that you can use the product in many application areas
  • The optimised device software can give the measurements in various measurement scales
  • The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC) means that you can work easily and quickly, as you do not have to manually convert the measurement
  • Included in the scope of supply:
    • - Storage case
    • - Calibration solution
    • - 2 x AAA batteries- Pipette
    • - Screwdriver
    • - Leather case
    • - Cleaning cloth

Main areas of application:

  • Motor vehicle industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Solar industry (checking frost protection)
  • Geothermal power (measuring brine concentration with geothermal energy)
  • Forestry management