Analogue refractometer KERN ORA 2SA

    Analogue refractometer ORA 2SA Salt

    Salt (NaCl):  0% - 28 %

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    • The models in the KERN ORA-B range are universal, maintenance-free analogue manual refractometers
    • The practical and robust design means that it can be used simply, efficiently and on a permanent basis, day in day out
    • The manual effort to convert the value is avoided by the use of several selectable scales and thereby eliminates user error
    • These scales have been specially developed, calculated precisely and checked. Another key feature is the very thin, clear lines
    • The optical system and the prism cover are made from special materials, which enable you to measure with low tolerances
    • All models are fitted with an eyepiece which can be adjusted easily and smoothly to different visual capacities
    • The models which are marked "ATC" have automatic temperature compensation, which makes it possible to obtain precise measurements at different environmental temperatures ( °C - °C)
    • Included in the scope of supply:
      • - Storage box
      • - Calibration solution
      • - Pipette
      • - Screwdriver
      • - Cleaning cloth
    • Further accessories are available as options
    Area of application: Salt
    The following models are particularly suitable for measuring and dosing of sodium chloride in water (salinity) and the content of NaCl (salt) in water. This is often used in the production and cooking of sauces, brines for pastries, the production of brines (e.g. brine-matured cheese), marinades for meat and the preparation of seafood.

    Main areas of application:
    • Food processing industry
    • Restaurants and industrial kitchens[/]Aquatics industry: Marine water and sea water aquarists/fish farmers

    2 years warranty Automatic temperature compesation: For measurements between 10 °C and 30 °C


    Item number
    Measuring range
    ORA 1SA
    spec. gravity
    1,000 sg - 1,070 sg
    0 ‰ - 100 ‰
    0,001 sg
    1 ‰
    ORA 2SA
    Salt (NaCl)
    0% - 28 %
    0,2 %
    ORA 3SA
    Salt (NaCl)
    0% - 32 %
    0 % - 28 %
    0,2 %
    0,2 %
    ORA 2SA