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HEINE FlexTip+ F.O. LED EasyClean Set

HEINE FlexTip+ F.O. Laryngoscope Set with LED EasyClean Handle

LED Laryngoscope Set complete with:

  • FlexTip+ Mac 3: 115 mm length, 13.2 mm distal width
  • FlexTip+ Mac 4: 137 mm length, 13.2 mm distal width
  • with EasyClean LED Battery Handle
  • case
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The FlexTip+ is a Macintosh Laryngoscope Blade with a tip which is adjustable through 70°. A lever controls the tip angle during intubation to lift the epiglottis, giving a clear view of the vocal cords. Contact with the upper row of teeth and unnecessary pressure on the tongue and soft tissue are avoided. HEINE HiLite fiber bundle. With a 4.3 mm dia. and up to 6500 individual micro-fibers for improved light transmission and longer life. With the alternative of LED- or XHL-illumination: With either 3 x or 40 % brighter light as with conventional halogen bulbs. Integrated Fiber Optics for the best possible illumination. High quality stainless steel construction. Swivelling blade tip facilitates difficult intubation. Reduced likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue. Fits all standard F.O. handles (green standard). Exception: F.O. Angled Handle. 5 years warranty. 4000 standard autoclave cycles of 134 °C / 4 min. with more than 1000 lux.

HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope handle

100 % waterproof for simple and safe reprocessing

The HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope Handle was developed to allow even simpler, faster and safer hygienic reprocessing of the handle – no complex disassembling and assembling of batteries and light unit. This saves the technical service personnel a great deal of time, and reduces the training and maintenance effort.

  • Non-slip ''Wave Design'' improves the reliability of the wipe disinfectant for the handle after use (''Intermediate – Low-Level Disinfection'')
  • 100 % waterproof. In the case of immersion disinfection (''High-Level Disinfection'') or low temperature sterilisation processes (STERRAD®, STERIS®), neither the batteries nor the LED light unit need to be removed
  • Autoclavable LED technology: No removal of the light unit required for use in autoclaves, just batteries
  • Maximum brightness: 3 x brighter than conventional halogen light, 4,000 lux (20lm) at a distance of 20mm from the blade tip
  • Authentic colour rendering and homogeneous illumination
  • Virtually unlimited hours of working life: typ. 50,000 hours
  • Typ. 10 hours of operating time (in continuous operation); battery handle for 2 x C-cells (R14/LR14).
  • Fade-Out Feature: brightness reduces slowly as battery operating time diminishes, for even more effi cient battery use.
  • Compatible with all laryngoscope blades according to ISO 7376 (Green Standard).

Data sheet

Blade Size
FlexTip+ F.O. Blade Mac 3+4
Power Source
with EasyClean LED Battery Handle 2.5V
Light Source