HEINE BETA 200 XHL Diagnostic Set with rechargeable handle

    HEINE BETA 200 XHL Diagnostic Set with rechargeable handle

    Set complete with:

    • HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope,
    • HEINE BETA 200 F.O. Otoscope both XHL
    • HEINE BETA4 USB rechargeable handle with USB cord and plug-in power supply
    • 1 set (4 pcs.) of reusable tips
    • 10 x AllSpec disposable tips
    • one spare bulb each for XHL version
    • hard case
    Tax excluded
    8-11 days
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    HEINE BETA 200 Fiber Optic (F.O.) Otoscope

    The ultimate in performance and quality Solid, all-metal construction. A quality instrument for the physician’s office with Fiber Optic (F.O.) illumination.

    • All-metal housing matt-chrome-plated. Durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.
    • Instrument head matt-black inside. Eliminates reflexes.
    • Distal Fiber Optic (F.O.) illumination with XHL Xenon Halogen Technology.
    • Homogeneous, reflex-free illumination of ear canal and tympanum.
    • Large, scratch-resistant glass viewing window made of multi-coated optical glass with 3 x magnification. Unobstructed edge-to-edge view, distortion-free image.
    • Swivelling viewing window built into instrument. Useful for instrumentation, cannot be mislaid.
    • Insufflation port. Reliable test of tympanic mobility.

    HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope

    Superior aspherical optics and 28 single-diopter steps
    • Unique optical system. HEINE optimizes the Gullstrand principle with aspherical optics (separation of illumination and observation beam). Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated, (see illustration below). A full view is guaranteed even with small pupils.
    • XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light.
    • Recessed, multi-coated viewing window. Avoids stray light.
    • Dustproof housing. Maintenance-free.
    • Optics mounted on precision metal chassis. Durable, precise.
    • Ergonomic shape. Instrument fits the orbita comfortably in any position.
    • Soft orbital support. Protects the users' glasses and steadies the instrument.
    • 7 apertures with separate red-free filter. Suitable for large or small pupils. Incorporates slit aperture, fixation star, cobalt blue filter and red-free filter for improved contrast.
    • Lens range: Perfect focus even with high refractive errors.