Examination Light KaWe MASTERLIGHT LED 4000

    Examination Light KaWe MASTERLIGHT LED 4000

    • illumination intensity at a distance of 1 m: 60.000 Lux
    • overall power consumption: 28 W
    • light spot size: 17 cm
    • with 5 foot powder coated mobile stand
    • electronic on/off switch on the light body
    • electronic brightness control
    • low power consumption
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    8-11 days
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    Excellent colour reproduction. With as of yet unmatched colour reproduction values of Ra=95 the physician can easily recognize the finest colour nuances in the tissue. The colour spectrum of the wound area appears natural and rich in contrast. Furthermore, the operating light is considerably more pleasant to the eye.

    Faceted multiple-lens system. The variety of computer-calculated faceted lenses ensures homogeneity and minimal shading in the light field. Separately arranged lens systems with one LED module each create their own light fields. This enhances the contrast effect and thus increases the detail recognition in the wound area. Altogether, an intensity of illumination of up to 60,000 Lux can be obtained. 

    Technical specifications

    • Illuminance at 1m distance 60,000 Lux
    • Color rendering index Ra 95
    • Focusable light field size 170 mm
    • Color temperature 4500K
    • Electronic light intensity control at lamp 50-100%
    • Temperature increase in head area 0,5 ° C
    • Total power consumption 20 W
    • Number of LED bulbs 19
    • Lamp life> 40,000 hours
    • Working distance 700 - 1400 mm
    • Lamp Ø 330 mm
    • Height adjustment 119 cm
    • Weight (net) 11.2 kg