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HEINE BETA 100/200 Diagnostic Set + battery handle
  • HEINE BETA 100/200 Diagnostic Set + battery handle
  • HEINE BETA 100 Otoscope
  • HEINE BETA 100 Otoscope
  • HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope
  • HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope
  • HEINE Set of reusable specula
  • HEINE BETA battery handle

HEINE BETA 100/200 Diagnostic Set + battery handle

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Diagnostic Set complete with:

  • HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope XHL 2.5V
  • HEINE BETA 100 Diagnostic Otoscope XHL 2.5V
  • BETA battery handle 2.5V
  • 1 set (6 pcs.) of reusable specula
  • 10 UniSpec disposable specula, 4 mm dia.
  • one spare bulb for each device
  • hard cover case
8-11 days


An otoscope with direct Xenon Halogen illumination in an elegant all-metal ­instrument head. For use with reusable specula or UniSpec disposable specula. With tip-adaptorit is also possible to use AllSpec disposable tips. All-metal housing. Exceptionally tough and durable. Instrument head matt-black inside. Eliminates reflexes. XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Extremely bright, white light. Large, scratch-resistant glass viewing window with 3x magnification. Unobstructed view, distortion-free image. Swivelling viewing window built into instrument. Useful for instrumentation, cannot be mislaid. Insufflation port. Reliable test of tympanic mobility.

  • All-metal housing
  • Easy instrumentation
  • Silica glass viewing window


Superior aspherical optics with XHL illumination

Exclusive dustproof design protects the precision optical components and ensures maintenance-free operation. The BETA200 / 200 S Ophthalmoscopes are the only instruments with an aluminium frame system. Optical components are flush-mounted on a cast aluminum frame, eliminating misalignment and making the instrument shock-resistant.

XHL Xenon Halogen bulb with bright illumination and authentic colour rendering. Range of lenses: 27 lenses from -35D to +40D. Without macula aperture (pinhole). Exclusive continuous brightness control between 100 % and 3 (patent pending) with one-finger operation. No stray light due to the recessed, multi-coated viewing window – eliminates distractions. Precise one-hand control of the instrument. Ergonomic design offers flexibility while examining. Suitable for large as well as small or undilated pupils. Ergonomic design fits the orbita comfortably, and blocks out ambient light.

HEINE BETA® Battery Handle

  • appropriate batteries: IEC LR14
  • BETA drycell handle feature short-circuit protection and a continuous ceramic brightness control.

Data sheet

Power Source
BETA battery handle
Light Source
2.5V XHL
Range of lenses
27 lenses from -35D to +40D
Duration of Guarantee
5 years

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