Otoscope Sets

Otoscope set is a complete set of equipment for the otoscope head so that the diagnosis can be carried out immediately. The otoscope set basically consists of an otoscope head with a power source as a battery handle or rechargeable handle. Most otoscope sets are also equipped with ear specula and a bag or case. In this way, doctors can also carry out an examination outside of the practice

Otoscope Sets for ENT examinations in the ear and nose

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Otoscope KaWe COMBILIGHT F.O.30 with rechargeable handle incl. 3.5 V li-ion rechargeable battery3.5 V Clic closure high-power 3.5 V xenon bulb metal charging handle C light dimmer disposable ear funnels 10 x Ø 2.5 mm 10 x Ø 4.0 mmincl. 3.5 V li-ion rechargeable battery (only to be used with KaWe MedCharge 4000 charging station) in bag with zipper...